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Search Engine Optimisation Services (SEO)


Search engine optimization (SEO) is a method of aquiring web of links to your site from highly regarded and relevant sites, targeting keywords in an achievable and realistic manner.


SEO is broken down into two sections:



When the search engines, and more importantly average web surfers looks over any site they are attracted by different factors, search engines are looking at hundreds and thousands of different ranking factors and the average user looks for information and different way. We take both into account and build a site that's friendly for all, placing keywords, meta-tags, H1 tags and descriptions in the right places.


These factors are insignificance to off-page activity, by our estimations Google has a ratio of 20:80 in favour of off page, but Bing and Yahoo are more driven to on page with our estimated ratios of 40:60, but of course only the search engines know the actual figures.



This is building links from relevant sources, in particular social site and manual submission sites, the major search engines take into account over 200 different website factors, with different degrees of of value. That is what we build for your site Quality not quantity, 1000 non indexed links can be the same value as two links from a highly page ranked website.


Creating a network of links that show to the search engines that your site has value and deserves to be getting to the top of a Google search, this will take anywhere between 8 weeks to 4 months, because Google (other search engines are available) has hundreds of ranking factors and takes 3-4 weeks to index pages and in-bound links. Below we have listed several of the factors we take into account, we target the most valuable factors and naturally push your site with relevant articles, social networking and RSS feeds, being realistic and aiming for Achievable keywords that produce results as quick as possible.


Not only do we drive business to you site, we build a value to your business through new media and social networking. Setting up these formats can build an online following and customer database that can either boost business or be a tangible element to your website.


it’s worked for us, and now it can work for you.


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