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What Benefits Can I Get From Social Media Setup?

On the face of it Facebook may seem a bit of fun, a place to keep up with distant or busy friends, but business is quickly realising that Facebook and indeed twitter are cost effective and efficient ways of connecting with local and relevant people to keep updated or to publicise your business new customers, but to harness the power of social it takes specific messaging and marketing.


If you are still unaware of the power of the different social platforms, here is a overview:


Twitter is a way of connecting and conversing with your followers, without intruding too much into their lives. Twitter now has 100 monthly active users, connecting, interacting and primarily marketing. Twitter is a useful tool for any businesses that has something to say, It is a way of engaging to your public on a personal level.



Facbook is a promotional tool for your business, a website within your website that can promote products, an average user is connected to 80 pages, groups and events at one time, each of these are flashing up on their news feed. This is a growing marketing forum and has 800 million users with a growing share of 30 million in the UK with more than 50% logging on every day.


Google +

Google plus is creating huge waves on the social scene, it's major power is linked to search results and google accounts and is a major competitor for Facebook.


All The Rest

Youtube and Linkedin are perfect for their specialist areas, creating a Youtube channel can show off recent completed work and Linkedin is a business portal to connect to other business professionals.


Social media allows your company to create a database of customers through facebook likes, twitter followers, google plus circles, youtube videos and linkedin contacts. We create these profiles for you and assist in the managing and maintenance. Begin your social revolution with our help.


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